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Silver House Capital is a boutique advisory and investment firm with a focus on emerging markets. We offer advisory services in:

  1. Advisory Services
    • Capital Raising: With access to a wide range of investors we are able to assist you to raise capital
    • Deal Structure (Transactional advisory)
    • Debt Management: We restructure , mediate and advise on commercial debt
  2. Investment services
    • Hedge fund: We focus on sectors that allow us to maximise returns for our investors while eliminating risk.
    • Alternative Investment: We manage pooled resources from high networth individuals & institutions seeking for higher than average market returns


At Silver House Capital our culture emphasizes thoroughness, hard work, creativity, and tenacity. Silver House Capital trades in minerals and energy, oil & gas across the capital structure and often will take a leading role in event-driven situations to create value or manage risk.


There are a number of elements of the firm’s investment and risk-management activities that we believes are essential. There are a number of elements including an opportunistic trading approach, the creation of value, effective liquidity management, and managing operational and counterparty risk.


The firm employs a multi-strategy approach that encompasses a broad range of strategies, including: distressed securities, equity-oriented, hedge/arbitrage, commodities trading, other debt, portfolio volatility protection, private equity and private credit, and real-estate-related securities.

Capital Preservation

Our investment approach is based on a disciplined due dilligence process that measures risk while identifying te catalysts for increased value. We purposefully engage in profitable transactions while working with talented management teams to achieve transformative results.

Tactical Opportunities

We offer differentiated investment solutions for a rapidly evolving investment landscape. We invest across asset classes, industries and geographical locations, and leverage our interllectual capital to inform our investment due dilligence and execution. Our flexible investment mandate enables us to dynamically adjust to changing market conditions and to focus on deep value opportunities that may be overlooked by the traditional approach to investing. Afia Fund, Tech Fund ; Silver lining Fund

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Today, Silver House Capital trades daily and is an active contributor to the finance, technology, and local startup communities. We are dedicated to providing the latest and greatest services for our investors, as well as a healthy environment for our team.


Riverside, Westlands
Nairobi, KENYA

  • info@silverhousecapital.com
  • (+254) 20 2000 454
  • (+254) 020 2000 463
  • (+254) 777 566 768

Operation Time

We are open on Monday – Friday at 8am and 5pm, except on holidays.